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The NY Mets win the NL Eastern Division for 2015. Anyone growing up in the 1960's and 1970's lived in the wake of the Dodgers leaving to Los Angeles. Brooklyn of crazy for the Mets but even in the mid-1960s, people around the city were intimately familiar with Koufax and the Dodgers, watching the team from afar with great interest as they entered the WS many times. Gil Hodges was well planted in the Brooklyn community, as was many other Dodgers. Gil's Bowling Alley was a local hangout and my parent met the Hodges and others quite a few times. By 1969, the town was NY Mets nuts. Buses were filled, leaving the Junction to the outland of Shea Stadium, a service long gone. The beloved Mets, was the only team I knew growing up. My mother would tern in here grave to know of any other team being cheered for by the locals. So now the Mets meet the Dodgers again the playoffs. Unlike 1988, there are almost no more Dodger fans alive anymore. But I miss you all. Here is a list of NY Mets Resources

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