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Williamsburg was a seperate village settled in Western Long Island, on the far side of Wallabout Bay, which is now filled in and the US Navy Yard. It was purchased from the native Lenape Indians in 1638 and became chartered at Boswikck, later called Bushwick. The locals in Brooklyn called it "The Strand". The bay itself was the site for the Brittish Prision Ship called The Jersey. The Jersey and other prision ships in New York Harbor killed over 11,000 men through torture and general bad conditions. They were essentially used as dungeons. The Prison Ship Martyrs Mounument has a crypt from the bones of prisoners which washed ashore in the decades after the revolution.

As ferry service developed, a major ferry service was run from Williamsburg to lower Manhattan at what is now Grand Ferry Park, located today at the tip of Grand Street and Kent Avenue, along the East River in the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge. Some of my favorite vista's of Brooklyn can be seen from here, as all three Brooklyn East River Bridges can be seen together over the waters of the esturary.

Three Brooklyn Bridges from Grand Ferry Park Plaque at Grand Ferry Park on the smokestack

The Plaque at the foot of the Smoke Stack at Grand Ferry Park.

The smokestacki at Grand Ferry Park The Classic Smoke Stack preserved at Grand Ferry Park is one of the great sites in Williamsburg, and landmarked. You have to appreciate the wonderful thick skies above the Borough, typical of our East Coast environment.

It's always tempting, when I write these web pages, to begin an serious dissertation on Brooklyn History, and indeed, I've written those of the Internet many times since 1996, but this is about a tour of Historical Brooklyn and Fulton Ferry and the Bridge is a perfect place to start our walking tour.

Any Tour of this area needs to include a walk over the Bridge at Sunset.

Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk

Currently, the Brooklyn Bridge Area, the Promanade under Brooklyn Heights, and the New Brooklyn Bridge Park gives stollers and explorers a new venue for facinating walks through the Brooklyn Bridge Area. Additionally, lots of recent construction has happened in this area, tucked into DUMBO and Vinegar Hill. Photo of the Brooklyn Bridge Rise near Candam Plaza Resturant in the old bank building at the foot of Old Flulton Street Tunnel Cross Atlantic Optical Exihibit at Fulton Ferry Seeing through to London Self Portrait of Ruben Taking a Picture through the Glass of the Optical exhibit at Fulton Ferry Flatbush Looking down Myrtle Avenue Flatbush Looking down Myrtle Avenue Manhattan Bridge Entrance on Flatbush Avenue New Residential Construction Near the Bridge Metro Tech Area Flatbush Avenue Traffic New Construction at Abbey Square - Dimes Savings Bank in the Background Fleet Street Near LIU Downtown Brooklyn Campus Near Flatbush Avenue Towers Dumbo between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges New Condo and Retail Livings Space in Dumbo near Jay Street New Condo and Retail Livings Space in Dumbo near Jay Street Wall Art Near the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage Hot Spots in Dumbo Local Chabad Center In Dumbo Play Ground near the Manhattan Bridge Manhattan Bridge Ramp Sands Street Toward the Navy Yard Tillary and Duffeild Dumbo Wildlife John and Adams Street Dumbo Theater Rail Road Tracks in DUMBO Brooklyn Bridge Park

Historical Site's of Brooklyn
Williamsburg Grand Ferry Park Brooklyn Bridge - Fulton Ferry Vinegar Hill - Navy Yard Fort Green Park Brooklyn Academy of Music Gowanus Canal Zone - Cobble Hill The Stone House and Battle Pass Washington Ball Park Weekesville and Crow Hill Battle of Brooklyn Path Flathbush Church, Town Hall Wyckoff House Amsfort Town Center and Church Gravesend Township and Cemetery - Lady Moody Bennet House Lot House Marine Park and Mill Coney Island and the Cyclone